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At Trangquil Spa & Boutique, we believe everyone deserves the best. We make it our priority to make a lasting impression on every client that steps through our door. Trangquil Spa takes no compromise on quality, offering only the highest standard of care for our clients’ overall well-being. In a stress-filled world, we devote ourselves in promoting a relaxing atmosphere, allowing you to leave in positive contentment. We strive to further our knowledge in skin care, body health, nail care, nutritional importance, and psychological health to continue our efforts in providing superior customer service and the highest quality day spa products and treatments at an affordable price.


As some of you know, we have been doing all we can in practicing social distancing, cleaning, and sanitizing amid this virus breakout. With the continuing development of rising confirmed cases and fatality rates in cities that have the means to test for Covid-19 proactively, I have no reason to believe our city will be much different once testing is readily accessible and available. The current stats show the expediential growth that mimics the rapid spread in other countries devastated by Covid-19. For those reasons, I have the responsibility to protect my family, friends, and community, thus, doing my part to #flattenthecurve by temporally shutting the door to our business. Though the financial burden weighs heavily with the business closure, I am confident this is what it takes to counter the circumstances. Only coming together in a common shared goal can we overcome the crisis that requires such immediate actions.

Friends, we are counting on your understanding, support, and thank you for your cooperation during this time of uncertainty. We will closely monitor the states of affairs to continue to post updates. In the meantime, contribute by staying healthy and at home. You’re all in my thoughts and prayers; stay safe, my friends.

Unite with us at Trangquil Spa in efforts to FLATTEN THE CURVE,

-Trang & the Crew

"I have been going to Trangquil Spa for 14 years, maybe more. I call it my retreat and so look forward to my hours there. I adore all the ladies here, they have become friends and have been a source of joy and encouragement in my life - they’ve been with me through a LOT! Nga has been known to put me right to sleep with her magical pedi massage - clearly I feel safe and cozy in their salon! 😁 As for the services they provide, they are top-notch at a good price, but frankly I’d pay whatever they ask, because I want their business to thrive. I love that they keep introducing new spa products and services, too. Much love to Trang, Nga, Thu, Lisa, and Monica! 💕 "




651 N Egret Bay Blvd Ste E , League City, TX, 77573




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